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Frequently Asked Questions

A WMI is the first 3 characters of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which uniquely identifies the manufacturer of a motor vehicle or trailer.

1. How do I get a WMI?


To get your WMI, please contact Kris Siddall, the WMI Coordinator at SAE International. The address is:

400 Commonwealth Drive

Warrendale, PA 15096-0001


You can also contact Kris by phone at 724-772-8511 or via email at

2. Where do I get a WMI if I'm not in the United States?

If you are using Fedcert to create VINs that won’t be used in the US, you still need a WMI. Contact SAE and fill out and application for a WMI

3. Why is the WMI listed as "HZZ" in the demo version?


"HZZ" is a placeholder that SAE recognizes as a test code. You can enter your own WMI in the registered version of the software.

If your current set-up is different that FedCert Suite's, you can simply notify NHTSA that you're making a change. FedCert Suite includes a VIN Decoder Report that can be mailed to NHTSA when you start using the software. NHTSA's address is included on the report.


4. I got a new WMI. Can I still use FedCert Suite?


If you have been assigned a different WMI, contact our support staff if you need to change your WMI in FedCert Suite.

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