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1. How do I sign up for a 30 day free trial?

To start the FedCert Suite Cloud Demo, please follow the link below which will take you to the application. No downloads or installation required – it runs in your web browser!

Go to

To sign up for the FREE 30 DAY DEMO and see how it works, click the Try it Now button and follow these instructions.

Enter your company information. WMI is optional.

In step 2, we will need a valid email address to verify your account. This email address will also be your user name.

In step 3, (Billing Setup) click Start Free Demo near the bottom of the page.

You’ll see a summary of your information in step 4. Make sure your subscription is ’30 day Demo’, and click the Create Account button.

2. How do I switch from the demo to the paid subscription?


This can be done at any time – even after the 30-day trial has ended.

Go to My Company > Subscription.

Click the Subscribe Now button. Enter your payment information and click the Add button. Your card will be verified, but won’t be charged yet.

Review your subscription and payment information, and click the Purchase Subscription button.

You will receive a payment receipt via email.

Your subscription is immediately active, and you may start using it for production.

Make sure your WMI is set in My Company > Company Info.

3. Can I delete a vehicle? (Sequence numbers)


We suggest not deleting vehicles because it does not ‘free up’ the sequence number but just removes the VIN from your list. When you create a vehicle the sequence number is permanent. The vehicle attributes (and VIN) may be edited but the last 3 VIN digits cannot be deleted or changed. So basically you can just edit any vehicle to adjust the first 14 VIN characters as desired.

4. How do I create a model?


Click Models on the top-left to go to the model list. This is where you’ll create, view, or edit any model.

You’ll see a table of information like model name, make, year, body type, etc. You may sort the list by any of these fields by clicking the column header.

To create a new model, click the +Add button.

In the Create Model screen, enter the desired information and click the Save button. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

The more information you have filled out for a model, the less you’ll need to enter for each associated vehicle.

You’ll notice your pre-defined VIN Criteria here, but you won’t be creating VINs or printing labels yet. Models are templates to be used for vehicle creation.

Back to the models list, click the Model name to view its details. The Actions menu is used to directly edit, duplicate, delete, or create a vehicle for a specific model.

5. How do I change my model year?


To change the current model year, go to My Company > Company Info. Click the Edit button > change the current model year > Click the save button. Any models or vehicles created from this point forward have the new model year.


You’ll likely want to duplicate the models you wish to carry over into the new model year. To do this, go to Models > find the model you wish to duplicate > click the actions button > duplicate. This will take you to a new model entry screen with all the duplicate fields filled out already.


After changing the model year, we suggest all users sign out of FedCert Suite, close their web browser, and sign back in. This will ensure the new model year is in effect before new models or vehicles are created.


6. How do I edit a sale?


On the sales list, you can create a new sale or edit an existing sale. To edit, use the actions menu or click the Sales ID to pull up the details of that sale where you’ll see an edit button.

On the edit sale screen, scroll down to see the vehicles on the sale. Here you can add more vehicles and specify the sales amount.

To edit the invoice # or amount of a vehicle that’s already on the sale, use the actions menu here to delete the vehicle from the sale. You’ll then be able to re-add it and enter a different invoice/amount.

7. Why is the default (automatic) setting preferred for sequence number?


The system keeps track of the sequence number for each model year. You could go back to 2017 and it will remember where you left off. Letting the sequence continue year after year, you’ll reach 999/999999 sooner and will have to reset to 001/000001 at an arbitrary point in time. With continuous sequencing enabled you cannot create vehicles from previous model years. (model year changes are permanent) With automatic sequencing there is no risk of VIN duplication or invalid sequence numbers. Most importantly - the sequence number should not be used to keep track of production year after year or uniquely identify vehicles because it is not a unique number. The entire VIN, or minimally the model year digit and sequence number together uniquely identify vehicles.

8. Why don’t I have the VIN Criteria I need to make a new vehicle?


This is because the VIN Criteria must be manually entered on your account to be able to select it in vehicle creation. To do so go to  My Company > VIN Criteria > and then add the criteria needed. After you are done, be sure to send the new VIN Calculation report to the NHTSA for approval. Do this by going to Reports > VIN Calculation.

9. Why is it taking a long time to log into my account?

The initial login to your account in our database will take up to 60 seconds. If you’re noticing a login taking several minutes or longer, it’s due to your subscription expiring. After about 5 minutes you will be directed to a subscription page where you can update payment information. Be sure to use an active card and set it as default and click subscribe.

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